You don't have to figure it out by yourself. Let us mentor and coach you. 

Follow our step-by-step program to implement your vision. We will give you the training and the blueprint you need to have a trusted and profitable online business.

Launch Confident was created to help online business owners gain the strategy and systems they need to confidently and profitably launch their next online product, course, or program

...because no one should have to question whether people will buy or care. 
Launch Confident was created to help online business owners gain the strategy and systems they need to confidently and profitably launch their next online product, course, or program

...because no one should have to question whether people will buy or care. 

- you're ready to launch a digital product, online course, or coaching program.

- you need the systems, software, and strategy in place before you launch 

- you are passionate about helping people with your skills, talents and abilities 

- you're an emerging leader or influencer in your area of expertise

- you're already helping others, but now you're ready to monetize your help

- you need the clarity and confidence to launch

Launch Confident is not for you if...

- you want to make money, but you don't have a skill or story that will help others

- you are starting from scratch in a brand-new industry or niche you've never explored before

- you want to duplicate someone else's success you've seen on instagram

- you want a short-cut to income that won't require your work, focus or development

- you've never helped anyone in your desired area before




program instructors 

MIchael and Amanda attended a sub-ivy-league college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. After completing their degrees and landing their first jobs in corporate America, the Pittmans knew they were made for more.

In 2018, Michael and Amanda left the corporate world to launch their business, AAMPED Inc, a digital marketing agency. 

Through AAMPED Inc, Michael and Amanda housed their successful personal brands, Confident Woman Co., The Online Financial School, and Simple Money Academy.

They've collectively authored 5 books, and are regularly booked to speak, consult and train others.

Through their subsidiary brands, The Pittmans launched multiple profitable courses, digital products and coaching programs.  

AAMPED Inc became wildly successful, quickly eclipsing 6-figures and out-earning Michael and Amanda's combined corporate salaries by 2019. 

Through AAMPED Inc., Michael and Amanda have helped consumers, government entities, and corporations confidently and profitably launch and scale their brands.  

With Launch Confident, Michael and Amanda will help 1,000 business owners confidently and profitably launch their next digital product, course or program by the end of 2025.

Some Of Our Student Testimonials


Elijah is the founder of “Gifted Hands Music School” where he teaches students how to play jazz and gospel piano.

Elijah and his wife Avrielle had a passion for helping people, but they really didn’t know where to begin when it came to creating an online business that paid them passive income.

In this video, he had just gained his 4th paying customer!

Fast forward about 6 months... and now he's at over 88 students!
(By the way, this picture is about 5 months old. He'll do over six figures this year!)


Before working with us, she had very little direction on how to launch her business and truly be the entrepreneur she knew she could be. 

Jasmine started from 0, but after working with us, she was able to make $5K in one day teaching people how to create content on social media!

Fast forward one year....and now Jasmine is officially a SIX FIGURE EARNER in her own business, and she charges PREMIUM prices!


When Leo and Faith got married, they had over $220,000 worth of debt!

Through late nights, hard work and perseverance, they HUSTLED to paid off $104,221.89 of debt in just 12 months!

While this story is inspiring, Leo and Faith had a SKILL that people wanted to learn (which is paying off debt).

We taught them how to run a mentorship program from start to finish. Their "Debt Slayers Bootcamp" has transformed the lives of many people. From the start, Leo and Faith were able to generate an extra $1,000 a month working a couple of days a week running their group program!

Fast forward about a year... and now, they've used that extra income to be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE— over $220K paid off in 2.5 years!

We have even more success stories, but the REAL question is...


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